Shoreditch Dog Walker

Walking,exercising, social interaction and play time is very important for your dog.  Lack of exercise is usually the cause of a lot of repetitive behavioral problems. Let’s help you when you don’t have the time to walk your pooch because of your busy schedule, especially during the day while you are away at work.  He or she will be one happy dawg when you come home exhausted from work and you will be guilt free!

Our dog walkers never walk dogs in packs for our safety, theirs and your peace of mind.  We walk a maximum of four dogs together, however if you would rather your pooch walked solo, please state so and we will be sure to accommodate you.
Top Dawgs believes in creating bonds. It is our goal to create a special relationship between pet sitter, you and your pet/s. Once you decide to go ahead, one of us will come to your home to meet you and your dog, you may also wish to take a short walk with your dog and the walker to see how everyone gets along and how well the dog walker can cope, especially with a difficult or powerful dog.

 ***We can always tailor our dog walking service to your particular requirements, so please enquire.