Dog Sitting

S7001771What a great alternative to a cramp kennel cage.  While you are away on vacation, business, during hospitalization, recovery or any other reason, be assured knowing that your pooch is in a safe nurturing and healthy environment. Your dog will receive two walks a day and for high energy dogs more.  They stay with a dog sitter in their own home, where they are assured lap to sit on while watching tv, fenced in yard, games and lots of toys and a safe indoor environment, it will be just like being at home.

1 dog £35.00 per day

2nd dog from same household £14.00

**Your dogs food should be supplied by you.  We will ALWAYS adhere to your own feeding requirements. However, if you want me to provide the food, we can for an extra charge.

Depending on the sitter, there may be no need to supply your dogs toys as some of us have lots of toys, bedding and feeding bowls!  ALL DOGS MUST BE NEUTERED/SPAYED AND PROOF OF UP TO DATE VACCINATIONS IS REQUIRED.