Chiswick Cat Sitter



Cats are very territorial, so they are less stressed and are happier in their own environment rather than in a cattery. It’s a win win for you and your cat.  Because they stay in familiar surroundings, you have one thing less to worry about. By choosing to use the services of a local Chiswick cat sitter, you don’t have to impose on a friend, neighbour or relative to care for your pet, but instead rely on a trusted pet care professional who will put you pet’s needs first.

Other duties while visiting your cats can include bringing in the mail, closing/opening blinds/curtains, watering plants and turning lights on and off to give your home an occupied look.

We will top up water and food bowls, clean feeding bowls, feeding area, litter tray as well as play and cuddle with your cats if they are so inclined.

We can also cater to your cats daily/weekly grooming needs while you are away, and can administer medication as required. If we notice a change in eating habits or anything else, we will make sure it is detailed for you to view when you get back. Should we become very concerned, we will of course contact you and take you cat to your vet if needed.

To avoid disappointment please make your Holiday Cat sitting bookings in advance as we get extremely busy and fully booked.