Preparing For Your Cat Sitter


ruthcatAn initial consultation gives us both an opportunity to get acquainted. We realise you will be entrusting a stranger into your home and understand, you may have some anxiety or be a little apprehensive about it. We hope this will give us the chance to alleviate all that and get to know your carer more. Our Cat Sitter will get the chance to interact with your cat while you are present. This will also be a time when you can get any questions about cat sitting services answered. The consultation includes:

  •     A visit to your home to gain familiarity with your cat and home routine.
  •     Discussion and completion of House and Cat Information Sheet
  •     Discussion and completion Pet Service Agreement
  •     Discussion and completion of vet release form

Preparing For Your Pet Sitter

Preparation can make a big difference in how smoothly things go for your pet when the pet sitter comes to visit. Here are some tips:

Make sure the cat sitter has a phone number where you can be reached (This should appear on the pet sitting service agreement form)

If you have new keys made, try them out to make sure they work.

Provide extra food, litter and other supplies just in case you’re not able to return when planned.

Adjust the thermostat to keep the house comfortable for the pet during your absence.

Leave a list of phone numbers in case the pet sitter needs to contact service or maintenance companies while you are away; i.e., plumber, electrician, cleaning service etc. There is a section on the pet sitting agreement form for all this.

Tell the cat sitter of any household areas that are off-limits to your pets or to the pet sitter. Secure access to those areas before leaving home.

**KEY COLLECTION AND RETURN  Initial consultation is FREE as is key collection.  There after there is a charge of £7.50 per trip.  Many of our clients who use our service frequently prefer us to hold on to the keys.